Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Salt Lake Livin

Well, its official. Daddy, mommy and I are now residents of Utah. We moved into our new house all day today so I guess there's no turning back now. Because mommy and daddy were so busy with the movers today, I kindof had to create my own fun. My favorite activity today was crawling, rolling and jumping in the packing paper. It entertained me for at least 20 minutes (which is a looong time in baby time). Mommy got a few pictures of my fun.

Our house is nice. Its alot smaller than our house in Denver but I think I'll have fun here - there are lots of parks nearby and I have a big backyard to romp around in. I hope my family and friends come visit so they can see my stomping grounds.


Noah said...

Maybe we can come to Utah and you can come to Boston. We'll call it the temporary living tour! :)

kari said...

love the butt shot!!

Vickie Scott said...

What fun...paper and boxes!! Glad your move went well...you were a big help, I'm sure!