Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I had an amazing Christmas this year! First of all, we have baby Luke as our best gift ever, and it was so fun sharing Christmas with him. But mostly this Christmas was special for mom and dad because I was SO into everything Christmas. Jesus' birth...Christmas carols...Christmas movies...Santa... I delighted in EVERYTHING and that gave such joy to mom and dad!

Christmas eve started off with a big party at my Mimi's house with momma's side of the family. I had a blast and spent most of the evening playing on the floor with cousin Ryder, whose favorite activity is pushing a ball around and crawling after it. I love playing with Ryder and all the adults were quite pleased at how sweet I was to my cousin.

Luke, on the other hand, pretty much just got passed around from person to person, gnawing on various knuckles and generally just being adorable.

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