Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Christmas Party

Well, yesterday we had our Christmas party at school. I've been very excited about it and have been telling mommy for a long time that I can't wait to sing her all my songs, but she wasn't so sure. (Remember last year? It didn't go so well).

Well I'm proud to report this year was a total success! I LOVED singing and putting on a show in front of all the parents. I was front and center and had a blast!

Me and my teacher's aide, Ms. Luana

Me and my teacher, Mrs. Hayes

I was happy to have mommy and Luke there to see me.
Daddy couldn't come (work) so Mimi filled in.

Me and my buddy Ashlyn

Me and my "very best friend" Sidney

Hamming it up in front of the Christmas tree at school

I now have my stage fright behind me, and am ready for many more performances ahead!

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