Wednesday, December 29, 2010

4 Months

Lukie, you are now 4 months old. You don't know this, but mommy found out she was pregnant with you on New Years Eve 2009, so it was fun for mom and dad to re-live those emotions a few days ago with you now being 4 months old! None of us can remember life before you came in it, brother!

So first - your statistics. You tipped the scales at 14lbs 14oz (60%), 25 3/4in long (75%) and your head is in the 50th percentile. We think you are a perfect little (big) guy!

Luke, you still don't love the car but we are starting to see improvement. Sometimes mommy even finds this now when she opens the back door - not bad, brother!
I think this picture of you is so funny...taken at Thanksgiving of you sitting in pa's lap. That can't be that comfortable!
You found your thumb awhile ago, but especially in the car you still prefer your paci's.
You have started to really enjoy being in the swing and you are now reaching for toys and bringing EVERYTHING straight to your mouth.
You love to take baths with sissy. I love helping momma get you clean.
You are so enthralled with me :) Almost anything I do gets a big smile out of you... and at the very least I am the center of your attention anytime I am around you!
Momma just liked this picture from one time you fell asleep on her after nursing. That's going well by the way.... you nurse most of the time but take a bottle right before bed that has a mix of formula and breastmilk in seem to do just fine with it!
You met your Uncle John and Aunt Quyen this month, who flew in from New York City to meet you and hang out during the holidays.
You are a big sports fan. Literally! You love watching basketball and are riveted to the TV whenever sports are on. Daddy thinks this is a good sign of future bonding to come. Your favorite teams are the Chicago Bears and the Kansas Jayhawks. You are being raised right.

You like being a big to stand stand stand. And the Bumbo is popular as well! are a good sleeper, buddy! Most nights you sleep from about 7pm - 5am. You get up at 5 for a quick snack and then you go right back down for a couple more hours. Can't complain about that! You are getting to be a more consistent napper, which makes momma happy. You are awake in about 2-hour spurts and your naps can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 3 hours. It just depends on the day!
You like sitting with momma looking at the computer. Cutie pie.
What do we have here? Oh yes - your hands! You discovered your hands and feet this past month and its been adorable to see you checking them out. Momma tells me I did the same thing when I was a baby :) are SO loved and adored by everyone...especially by ME! You are my greatest joy and I spend a LOT of my day trying to kiss you, hold you, entertain you and tell you about all the things I'm going to teach you as you get older. You really do complete our family! Happy 4 months, brother!

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Maggie said...

PREcious, absolutely precious post. Thanks for sharing. Laughing and crying at these photos. What a blessing!