Monday, October 1, 2007

Saying our Goodbyes

Last night mommy, daddy and I said goodbye to all of our friends in their bible study...tonight we said goodbye to the Burtons. Even though all the parents were a bit subdued tonight, I had alot of fun playing with Tyler and Shannon. They even lined us up for a picture (Shannon-2 mos, me - almost 8 mos, Tyler - 18 mos).

Mommy and daddy aren't the only ones sad to be saying goodbye to their friends! In addition to Shannon and Ty, I have to say goodbye to my pals from bible study: Autumn, Ashlyn, Nathan, Reagan, Camryn, Tyler, Callie and Noah. On top of all of that, I have to say goodbye to my new cousin Anna! What a bummer...

Anyway here are some pics from tonight. Mom was pretty excited about them.

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Lisa said...

I am sorry you have to say goodbye to your friends, but remember how fun it is to have pen-pals and how excited we are to have you out here with us in Colorado!

Auntie Lisa, Junkle Andy, Wrigley and Hatch