Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I think I said it today....and then mommy attempted to get it on video and I said it again.

Random syllables, or first words? You be the judge.



Jeff & Allison Smith said...

I vote "first words" she seems to want to repeat after Kate says it...

PJG said...

I vote first words also, she def. repeats it after you Kate, and she's soo close to also saying:

"You know what I'm saying?"
"You betta ax somebody!"
"Snoop Dogg is the schizzle!"
"Mommy is fo-rizzle, yo!"

Honestly, she'll be saying those wack sayings by the time I get back from seeing my dope niece Anna. : )

Vickie Scott said...

We miss you, Lauren, and your Mommy and Daddy. It is so fun to watch your video. I think you said "David"...