Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cutie Patootie

One of mommy and daddy's best friends, Kate Sagehorn, and her mommy, both came to a baby shower for me before I was born. They gave mommy a bunch of beautiful gifts, but her favorite was a sweater and hat set from a small boutique in Chicago. (they also gave me a REALLY pretty and soft bib, but its so amazing that mommy won't let me wear it because its too nice to get dirty...kind of silly for a bib, but I can't talk yet so I can't convince mommy to let me wear it).

Anyway its a little chilly in Denver today so mommy put the hat on me when we went to the grocery store. Five (count em!) people walked up to us and told mommy what a cute hat I was wearing! She decided to take a picture of me in it just to show it off.

Thanks again, Auntie Kate!

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Vickie Scott said...

I totally agree with the title...