Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cousin Love


Lets both yell!

Why are you crying?

I'll cry too.

My Aunt Laura and cousin Anna came to visit me and mommy this week in Colorado. Anna is just one month old, so she can't really play with me yet, but I had SO much fun trying to play with her! I always wanted to touch her and laugh at her.... Mommy told me that in a few months, Anna will want to play with me back, but so far she just stares at me, poops, cries and wants to take naps. Mommy told me I was like that too when I was young, but its hard for me to remember.

We had a great week together and now I'm sad they are gone. Before they left, we took this picture together in our matching "Good things come in small packages" shirts that our great grandma Shirley bought for us. I think we're just about the cutest cousins around!


Jane said...

Lauren is so cute! I want to eat her face! ;) I hope you guys are doing well.

Vickie Scott said...

Again, I can't get over how much Lauren has grown!! Those are the cutest pictures and tee shirts!!